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TEI Europe industry specializing in fluid mechanics and process engineering and the sourcing.

TEI Europe industry uses its know-how and experience of its engineers to serve your industrial project.Our service offering is found beyond the provision of provision of resources by a real partnership mindset.


Oil Trading Division

Crude Oil futures are standardized, exchange-traded contracts in which the contract buyer agrees to take delivery, from the seller, a specific quantity of crude oil (eg. 1000 barrels) at a predetermined price on a future delivery date.

Engineering Division

Specializing in fluid mechanics and process engineering, TEI Europe industry uses its know-how and experience of its engineers to serve your industrial project.The service offering of TEI Europe industry is defined as a provision of resources for investment operations.

Sourcing Division

You are a small or medium size company that doesn't know what strategy to adopt regarding import export from China? You want to purchase wholesale Chinese goods at the desired quality for the best price negotiable?

Oil Trading Division:

Offers a range of services in energy

TEI Industry is one independent commodities trading houses , creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy, Building on TEI Industry’s origins trading crude oil, we began trading in refined petroleum products, including gasoil, fuel oil, gasoline, naphtha and LPG. TEI then further expanded into natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), biofuels, power. TEI proven trading model and relationships in the finance sector have enabled our continued and successful expansion. Read more


Enginnering Division:

Providing Leading Business Services

Life skills and technical know-how and technological Industrial know-how.

Technical expertise, knowledge of the texts, standards and regulations Technological knowledge processes, packaging, integration lines in buildings and impact energies Operational control of investment, technical advice and workmanlike Ability to analyze, audit and technical innovationaSkills: listening, autonomy, availability, guarantees the quality of performance in technical consulting Our service offering applies regardless of project size.Our commitment ensures: *Assistance missions carried out in complete symbiosis with your technical specialist industrial, R & D, new works and maintenance. *Rigorous coordination of work within the regulatory and budgetary *Autonomy and adaptation work *Improved margins of your projects *Guidance during your development plans in France and abroad Read more


Sourcing Division:

We Understand That You Need Choices

TEI Europe industry meets the following objectives:

*Increase the visibility of its activities and services. *Provide more information on its activities and services. *Submit information presented in a more structured. *Provide a flexible site with numerous navigational options. TEI Europe industry’s mission is to support clients in deploying their industrial strategy by providing personalized solutions that meet their specific objectives. What are the keys to TEI Europe industry's success?*Local presence  and around the world.*Versatility. Flexible support solutions range from consulting to outsourcing a complete project in our facilities.*Engineering excellence. Our consultant engineers are subject-matter specialists in each client industry.*Technology flow-down. The TEI Europe industry technical. department capitalizes on research findings and project feedback are returns the benefits to our clients. Read more





    If you already have suppliers in Chinawe offer rigorous quality controls done by TEI Europe industry

    management avoiding you to travel and thus saving you time and expenses.

    mr. Alex Deep

    You already source and assemble your product in ChinaTo prevent your suppliers from contacting

    each other and deciding to produce without you, we offer you to establish the link between them with only our name being reveale

    mis.Xia hong

    We are very reactive to manage your orders and are always available for you

    You will have a point of contact from the day of your inquiry till the delivery of your products. TEI Europe industry is not afraid to claim that its great strength is its professionalism and our main concern is to keep our outstanding reputation.

    mr. Alin cop
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