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Drawings and project modeling Industrial drawings and plans
.Offer of modeling and design: external resources and services for the implementation of plans and technical documents [...]
Project Management Provides project management: coordinating the flow of work, managing time and cost of implementation, optimize your industrial expansions [...]
Assistance with project management

Provides assistance with project management: to assist you in managing your complex projects and specific [...]

Technology and Expertiset

Provision of expertise: strengthen your business knowledge through the acquisition of technical expertise and technology needed to audit and performance[...]

Chemical, cement, paper

  • TEI Europe industry offers, depending on the size of your projects, engineering services comprising all or part of assistance the following steps[...]

TEI Europe industry offers a range of services in renewable energy, born of the combination of our know-how specific engineering applied to innovative sectors: solar, wind and biomass[...]


TEI Europe industry offers a quality assurance providing high-level benefits in terms of engineering methods and documentary collections.[...]

Drawings and project modeling

Industrial drawings and plans
Offer of modeling and design: external resources and services for the implementation of plans and technical documents.

TEI Europe industry carries all your plans for industrial investment projects, either as part of a construction of new workshop or factory, or when upgrading your existing tool.
Our service offering covers all phases of general and specific modeling studies related to design and project implementation.

Our skills to help you in your industrial projects:

They are based on a knowledge of basic technical drawing applied to the industrial sector (measures, manual reproduction) and production of documents related to the phases of work (APS plan, ODA plan, CCTP).
Control of CAD (Computer Aided Design) / CAM (Computer Aided Design) allows us to realize all or part of your plans and visual 2D or 3D (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia ...).



Our service engineering design contributes to the modeling of both your technical needs of design and execution trace.

This offer will draw:

Management plans investment
General plans and retail
Site plans
Design Plans
The consultation plans
The implementation plans

During the draft, we offer technical expertise and industry participates in:

Collection and modeling objectives of the work, under the responsibility of your project management On analysis of your investment in its technical, implementation and regulatory constraints Bipartite validation (client and consulting firm) of the first sketches technical.     

During the engineering run, we offer:
*Perform unit plans or overall technical integration
*Achieve the necessary implementation plans at each stage of construction
*Classifications to achieve embellished assembly plans
*In making adjustments to the report documents progress

This amount of work contributes to the base of your documentary projects.



    If you already have suppliers in Chinawe offer rigorous quality controls done by TEI Europe industry

    management avoiding you to travel and thus saving you time and expenses.

    mr. Alex Deep

    You already source and assemble your product in ChinaTo prevent your suppliers from contacting

    each other and deciding to produce without you, we offer you to establish the link between them with only our name being reveale

    mis.Xia hong

    We are very reactive to manage your orders and are always available for you

    You will have a point of contact from the day of your inquiry till the delivery of your products. TEI Europe industry is not afraid to claim that its great strength is its professionalism and our main concern is to keep our outstanding reputation.

    mr. Alin cop
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